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Directed by: John Patrick Lowrie

Starring: Sheila Houlahan & Ellen McLain

Cinematography: Trevor Roach 

Associate Producer: Sarah Parsons 

Technical Producer: Khadeem Thomas

Still Photography: Eli Reed

Press and Media Relations: Sarah Parsons Media

"I was stunned. I've never seen anything like this in my life."
- Eli Reed,
Photojournalist & Author

"Such an incredible way to tell a story. They're both incredible performers."
- Khleo Thomas,
Actor & Celebrity Streamer

"This performance, a mother doing everything to keep her child alive.
It's so powerful. I am in awe."

- @Mxiety,
Twitch Talk Show Host & Streamer

From Executive Producer and Showrunner Sheila Houlahan, 'Night, Mother' is a new kind of hybrid live-streaming film exclusively on Twitch.


Interweaving pre-filmed segments shot on Kodak film with live-streamed performances, this film was assembled in real-time on September 24th, 2021 by Cinematographer Trevor Roach. 

With a message centered on mental health and suicide prevention, the premier fell within National Suicide Prevention Awareness month and was followed by a live-streamed panel to benefit the Take This Org with notable guests such as Eve Crevoshay, Executive Director of 'Take This' and actor and celebrity streamer Khleo Thomas (Holes).

Opening Weekend Viewership:

Live Panel Attendance:

Total Viewership:

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Category: Virtual & Remote

Winner - Entertainment & Media

Nominee - Best Audience Integration 

Nominee - Technical Achievement


Sarah Parsons (Associate Producer & Publicist) with Sheila Houlahan (Executive Producer & Actress) at the 26th Annual Webby Awards with Webby Statuette. Image Credit: James Hartley.




"McClain and Houlahan give wonderful performances. The bafflement and conflict on display are riveting."

- Benjamin Franz |
Film Threat


"Its unique presentation could set the bar for a new form of live performance in a mostly digital age."

- Frankie Stein |
Film Daily

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"...two towering performances of its leading ladies..."

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"Ellen McLain, should be celebrated for her flawless work on the film."

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"...I was compelled to keep watching. Almost uncontrollably."

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"...Night, Mother is from the gut, and its characters are instantly real and recognizable. "

- Carl Burgess | Screencritix


- JT |

- 22 Indie Street

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"Night, Mother" feature Ad in The Hollywood Reporter Day 3 for Cannes Film Festival, 2022.

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Executive Producer and Actress Sheila Houlahan as a featured panelist at Stage 32's Panel and Cocktail event 'Demystifying The Streamers' at Cannes, 2022.

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Executive Producer and Actress Sheila Houlahan, Producer Sara Elizabeth Timmins, and Stage 32 Managing Director, Amanda Toney at the 'Demystifying The Streamers' panel - Cannes, 2022.

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Executive Producer and Actress Sheila Houlahan and SPM CEO and Producer Sarah Parsons at the Stage 32 Beach Party, Cannes, 2022.

"Night, Mother" official trailer at the Stage 32 Beach Party in Cannes, 2022.