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From Executive Producer Sheila Houlahan

Directed by: John Patrick Lowrie

Starring: Sheila Houlahan & Ellen McLain

Cinematography: Trevor Roach 

Assistant Producer: Sarah Parsons 

Press and Media Relations: Sarah Parsons Media

"I was stunned. I've never seen anything like this in my life."
- Eli Reed

"Such an incredible way to tell a story. They're both incredible performers."
- Khleo Thomas

"This performance, a mother doing everything to keep her child alive. It's so powerful. I am in awe."
- @Mxiety

From Executive Producer and Showrunner Sheila Houlahan, 'Night, Mother' is a new kind of hybrid live-streaming film exclusively on Twitch.


Interweaving pre-filmed segments shot on Kodak film with live-streamed performances, this film was assembled in real-time on September 24th, 2021 by Cinematographer Trevor Roach. 

With a message centered on mental health and suicide prevention, the premier fell within National Suicide Prevention Awareness month and was followed by a live-streamed panel to benefit the Take This Org with notable guests such as Clint Borgen (President of The Borgen Project), actor and celebrity streamer Khleo Thomas. 

Opening Weekend Viewership:

Live Panel Attendance:

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"McClain and Houlahan give wonderful performances. The bafflement and conflict on display are riveting."


"Its unique presentation could set the bar for a new form of live performance in a mostly digital age."

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"...two towering performances of its leading ladies..."

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"Ellen McLain, should be celebrated for her flawless work on the film."

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"...I was compelled to keep watching. Almost uncontrollably."

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"...Night, Mother is from the gut, and its characters are instantly real and recognizable. "

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- Benjamin Franz |
Film Threat

- Frankie Stein |
Film Daily

- Carl Burgess | Screencritix


- JT |

- 22 Indie Street

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