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Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about helping them achieve their PR goals.


Here's what they're saying about SPM...


Sheila Houlahan
Webby Award Winning Actress & Producer

"Sarah is a master at PR and would be a boon to any organization. Sarah took the campaign around one of my productions and elevated it beyond my wildest dreams, to the point where a legendary photojournalist took note and begged to do a piece on the project.

Sarah isn't the type of publicist who sits back and cashes in her salary checks; she breaks the mold, innovates, and works harder than anyone I've ever known. No matter how ambitious your project is, Sarah will get the job done. She is worth her weight in gold."
Yvey Valcin_Headshot.png

Yvey Valcin
Award-Winning Master Stylist & Salon Founder

"I have been working with Sarah Parsons Media for about a year now, I must say, that was the best decision I have ever made. As a result, my publicity went through the roof.

I have so many articles from some of the biggest magazines, such as HuffPost, Medium, Martha Stewart, InStyle, Insider, just to name a few. Her platform finds unique traits and characteristics in you and maximize it to something you could never dream.

If you are an artist or and individual with a passion and wants to share it with the world then Sarah Parsons Media is the one. She is extraordinary in how she can get the best out you and makes easy to deliver it.

Being not a native speaker, it could be difficult, she helped build confidence in the way I communicate my passion. Sarah is truly a blessing to my life."
Edna Golandsky_Headshot_edited.jpg

Edna Golandsky
Teacher, Lecturer, and Leading Expert on The Taubman Approach

"In the six months that I have been working with Sarah, she has obtained superlative results for me. This is due to her ability to quickly and deeply absorb the substance of my work, which is complex and difficult to understand even for professionals in my field, to her in-depth knowledge and contacts of public relations in general, and to her creativity in generating effective publicity throughout many venues and platforms and media.
Sarah has consistently delivered as much or more than she projects, and in the process, has always acted in the most professional manner possible.
Finally, Sarah has a great personality, is enthusiastic about my goals, and a pleasure to work with. I have recommended her to friends, associates, and family members, all of whom are as satisfied with her as me." 

Galit Friedlander
WNBA Choreographer, Personal Trainer, & Host of 'DanceSpeak'

"Sarah is the dream. She sits in your corner, gets to the authentic 'you' of it all and truly collaborates to make sure that every step is in alignment with what feels right. Sarah has gone above and beyond on a consistent basis. 

While I'm busy building my business, Sarah and her team are doing the work to bring everything I do to a new stage.  Sarah is also extremely generous and makes herself available for consulting, brainstorming and actually developing my business! 

She deeply cares about my success, is extremely easy to communicate with, and has propelled my podcast and businesses to their next phases!"

Éva Boros
Award Winning Producer, Writer, Co-Founder 232AM Project.

"I was a bit hesitant when my team pitched the idea of hiring a publicist. I’ve experienced a lot of overpromised lackluster PR in the past. 

But. Sarah’s passion for her work made for a powerful first impression. After our first zoom, I immediately told my colleagues that Sarah is it. She brings solid professionalism and infectious enthusiasm to the table.

Most importantly, Sarah set a new standard with her approachability. Concise, articulate, self motivated while maintaining a strong sense of integrity in her relationships with clients. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I always feel happy when I’m around her. 

She still hasn’t dropped a single clients name which is beyond rare in the PR world. She’s proof that PR works. I’ll never work with anyone else. Literally. Ever."
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