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Share The Spotlight is an initiative from Sarah Parsons Media amplifying up and coming BIPOC and AAPI creatives, businesses, and brands by offering pro bono PR services.


In line with our company values, Share The Spotlight aims to uplift voices historically repressed, erased, and underrepresented in media. Having a conscious, curated presence in the world at large can change the trajectory of your passion project.


As a company, our goal is to represent your voice authentically and gain our clients’ access to opportunities to be seen and heard in the press that also reflects their values as a creator and/or business. We recognize that media is a predominantly white space and are putting forth this initiative to bridge that gap, provide access to marginalized voices, and above all else help you show up the way that you want to be seen.

Admissions are by nomination. There is no deadline. Nominations are on an ongoing and rolling basis.


To nominate a deserving BIPOC and/or AAPI creative, business, or brand, please send us an email at waitlist[@] using the subject line: "[Nomination] Spotlight" with a brief description of who you are nominating and what business or product they have, if applicable.


*Please note: you do not need to be BIPOC or AAPI to nominate, however, all nominations should be from those communities.

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Authenticity | Connection | Loyalty | Truth


To share meaningful stories through press and media that create true connections and build lasting value.
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